You’re Already On the Cloud


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This infographic was submitted by, which is a company that utilizes cloud technology to provide mobile office services. When submitting this infographic, the folks at Imogo had the following to say:

As the “You’re Already Cloud Computing” infographic illustrates through the popular usage of a variety of different SaaS providers, millions of internet users are already harnessing the power of cloud computing.

All in all, this is yet another submission that doesn’t follow the guidelines of an actual infographic. An infographic NEEDS to visualize data through design. This just uses typography to make the design look good, but no data is actually visualized. One very simple way to visualize the data would be to have larger font size for larger numbers, but they don’t even do this. I would prefer some graphs and charts that showcase this information, but right now this entire design relies on text to showcase the data. If all the text were taken out, the infographic would just have a bunch of logos. An infographic needs to follow one important rule: if you can take all of the images out and still get the same information, then the images are not telling the story so it’s not an infographic. Right now, the images are complimenting a lot of text, but the text should compliment images in infographics.


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