WTF is HTML5 And Why We Should All Care

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This highly popular infographic created by, reads more like a detailed brochure that explains just why HTML5 is such an important change in the history of code. As HTML has evolved, the Internet continues to become easier to use and HTML5 is expected to take things to the next level. As the infographic explains:

How does this matter to you? You will notice that daily web activities such as uploading YouTube videos to your blog and finding a specific store in your browser on your smartphone will become easier. This means you can have a rich experience on a light, portable, universal platform.

The infographic gives a few examples of how HTML5 will simplify the web by making sites less reliant on 3rd party software like Flash and Quicktime. The middle part of the infographic goes into depth about browser capability, which is something that more and more people should take some time to learn about. What few know is that websites render differently across browsers, with Internet Explorer providing the worst experience, as it is behind the times in many ways. What would have been nice to include in this infographic is the user share of each browser, because these are some very enlightening facts. If this information were included, you would quickly see that the most popular browsers today (Internet Explorer and Firefox) won’t support all of the aspects of HTML5 in the same way some of the underdogs will.

All in all, this is a great infographic that anyone who considered a power Internet user should take a moment to review.

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