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Infographic created by Ardent IT Solutions. Credit

Infographic created by Ardent IT Solutions. Credit

Score from the experts at Killer Visual Strategies

Visual Communication - 60%
Design - 60%
Content - 75%
Usability - 80%


Final Grade

This infographic shares data about remote work in the US. It uses a mix of data visualization and illustration to communicate messaging. We don't have an introduction or conclusion here, so the data is left to speak for itself. While the illustrations are representative of a work-from-home setup, for the most part they aren't specific to the data points they accompany. For example, the illustration of a person in a red shirt working from home with their cat doesn't clarify or support the ideas of "fewer distractions" or "giving up vacation time." Make your visuals work harder, and audiences will not have to read as much! And, the character illustration style in the first work-from-home illustration is different from the style in the rest of the infographic. In all we'd give this a D.

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