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This infographic was submitted to us by MBA Online Programs and covers information on women attending MBA programs and their subsequent salaries. This is what the people at MBA Online Programs had to say about their infographic:

A detailed look at women in business and the MBA programs they have attended. Whilst women are certainly gaining ground on their male counterparts they still have a long way to go to becoming fully equal. We wanted to create this infographic for all the successful business women out there and those up and coming new bright stars.

I think that this infographic is very well-designed. I like the colors, and all of the graphs are easy to read and make sense. As far as the data represented, I would like to see more from each of the data sets. It would be nice to see more about the highest paid CEOs and to get a better of idea of the difference between how much men and women make in that position; just having two data points here doesn’t tell us much.

I really like the graph about the Fortune 500 CEOs, but I think that the graph needs to be labeled differently. Are these the percentage of woman CEOs who are Fortune 500 CEOs, or the percentage of Fortune 500 CEOs that are women? The bill for the “salary gap” graph is a good idea, but I think it could be done differently. There is a lot going on here that isn’t clear at first. This would probably be better represented as a more traditional bar graph.

Lastly, the infographic seems to send mixed messages. It might flow and give a better idea if it were divided into two sections – data showing the progress women have made in business and data showing where women still make less than men. It would also be nice to see some businesswomen highlighted specifically.

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