Will The Internet Bubble Burst Again?


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This infographic comes to us from, a website that creates custom banner ads for businesses online. Upon submitting the infographic, the people at ElegantBanners said the following:

Where are we currently in the second major Internet bubble? Are we need a collapse? Analyse and decide for yourself.

This infographic is a little sparse on information, which makes it more of a mini-infographic than anything else. These days, infographics need to have a large amount of data to draw in people’s attention. This only has one graph, but could be improved by showcasing a history of the first dot-com bubble burst, the money lost versus the money gained, etc. Instead, this just has one piece of information and no actual data to back it up. There really isn’t anything to cite that would make someone think this information is rooted in fact. The look and feel is great, but there needs to be much more.


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