WIC: Just the Facts (Infographic)


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This infographic was designed for by a pretty talented designer. Upon submitting the infographic, the designer had the following to say:

The WIC (Women, Infants, Children) program has been in existance since 1974, and has grown to be the third largest government food assistance program in the United States. This infographic gives a brief overview of some of the history of the WIC program, as well as some facts and figures regarding its current state.

Most people have strong feelings about government assistance programs. Some are strongly in favor, some are strongly opposed. While this infographic doesn’t attempt to broach that debate, it does give a glimpse at just how big the WIC program has become. It’s not a small thing, and affects many people in this nation.

The infographic was created by using information provided freely on government websites ( and

Overall, the design of the infographic is great. I really don’t have anything negative to say about it. I think the designer picked a good color scheme and visualized the data in a way that’s easy to take in. While the top is a bit wordy, it’s not too overwhelming and I really like the use of arrows to guide the viewer.


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