Who’s the World’s Top Model? (Infographic)


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This infographic was submitted to us via The Fashion Here’s what they had to say about their infographic:

The Fashion Spot went in search of the answer to this burning question. For our tally, we ignored the power earners like Gisele and Kate Moss and sought out the most in-demand models dominating the runways, magazines, ad campaigns, and social media in the past year. Think you know who’s on top? See how your favorites measure up in the race for the top spot.

It is nice to see an infographic on a unique topic, and also to see a design that fits the topic perfectly. The runway images are incorporated very well into the infographic, as well as the Google search section. Using magazines for the bar graph is a nice, creative choice as well, and it looks fantastic, especially with the covers featuring the actual models. The “racking up miles” and “social security” sections looks great and fit in with the rest of the infographic, but it would be nice to see some bar graphs or another form of data visualization here. Other than that, this infographic is great – it is unique, concise, and has a great design that flows very nicely. Kudos to the designer!

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