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I’ve come to the conclusion that people interpret “what is an infographic” in many different ways. For me, an infographic in its most basic form is a graphical representation of information or data. An infographic in its most creative form is akin to eye candy. It includes a vast array of data rather than just one piece of information. In other words, infographics of today are moving beyond the simple data visualization of showcasing just one graph and are now using that one graph as just one piece to the overall puzzle. This submission, from is, in my opinion, just one piece of what should have been a much larger puzzle. Yes, this is an infographic in its most basic form, but standards have changed and viral infographics are often so much more than just one piece of data.

In my opinion, this topic could have led to a very broad design that included more than just the age range of who men hit on and also showcased hair color, race, height, and more. Right now, I view this as nothing more than a piece to a much larger puzzle. That said, we try to accept and post every submission that comes our way, even when they aren’t always our definition of an infographic, they may be for someone else.

Upon submitting this infographic, the folks at had the following to say:

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