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This infographic comes to us from and covers jobs in the UK that pay the most taxes. It’s definitely an interesting topic, so this infographic was fun to checkout. Upon submission, the people at TaxFix said:

Different industries pay different amounts of tax. This infographic looks at which jobs pay the most tax in the UK. The designer has taken the total tax paid in each sector and divided it by the number of workers within that industry. The infographic also shows the relative size of each industry compared to the entire workforce and how that compares to the tax revenue of the UK. One of the interesting aspects of the infographic is the disparity between the financial sector which only makes up 3.6% of the population but contributes 14.4% of all the countries income tax revenue due to their high incomes.

When it comes to the design of the infographic, it’s a pretty good first try from The biggest challenge with an infographic is actually shifting one’s design mentality to layout a large amount of information while using images to showcase the info rather than text. They have done a decent job of this in the two primary sections of their infographic. For instance, a bar graph is often a necessity for infographics, and this one comes out of the gate with one. While it’s a fairly typical bar graph, they do a good job of calling out the most taxing job by making that bar blue. The bottom section is also good, since they use different size coins to showcase different amounts of tax and workforce percentages. Often, those who do their first infographic tend to just use images as a background and hope people will see the difference in numbers through the text. With this infographic, though, they are using the images to show the difference as text should always be an after thought.

There are some areas for improvement that could be added to this infographic. To begin, the bar graph is a bit boring. I suggest first that they get rid of the 3D element, since there aren’t any other 3D elements on the infographic. Next, they should consider a different background for the bar graph (even just a darker color would help separate the section better. The other issue with the bar graph is that there is no icon for Financial intermediation and the number for that overlaps the blue bar slightly. The icons used are good, I just which they were next to the job titles instead of at the end of the bar graph. Also, I wish there was more spacing between the bullet points (or better yet, get rid of the bullets all-together and replace them with the job icons). For the bottom section, it would be nice to reuse those icons so that everything ties together. It would be also nice to have a few more stats, as this is kind of a short infographic.

Whenever we’re asked for “constructive criticism” by the person who submits the infographic, we like to go into depth about the pros and cons as I just did. If you ever want a lot of feedback with your infographics, don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll be sure to go in depth with our write up.

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