What Happens When Credit Cards are Charged?


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Have you ever wondered what happens when a credit card gets charged online? This infographic, by, is targeted to the online merchant that takes credit card payments at their online store, but it’s definitely something any consumer will find interesting.

The infographic is broken up into two different parts with the first covering what happens immediately during the authorization process and followed by what happens next, which follows the flow of money. The infographic states that the authorization process starts by ensuring that the customer has enough money in his/her bank account. No money is being transferred at this point, just information about the customer. When money is spent online, it must always go through a payment gateway/credit card processor, and finding the right processors to take credit cards is what is all about.

The right side covers the flow of the money. The infographic states that the money starts making its way to the merchant’s bank account. This process is spread over a few days with the total gateway fees being collected at the end of each month. This section of the infographic is really interesting because it clarifies a lot of the payment processing questions many merchants have.

In the end, this is a great second infographic by! It shows information that is geared toward their audience and makes complex data easy to understand.


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