What Are the Nation’s Most Pressing Issues?

what are the nations most pressing issuesVia: and Yahoo News

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This infographic comes from Yahoo News and their Ask America project. It covers the responses of 1,671,276 people who were asked what their most pressing issues of today are. The questions asked covered culture, the economy, energy, immigration, national security, the state of the union, and the courts. Here’s what respondents had to say about these issues:

  • Is Obama out of touch or is he just busy working hard on big problems? – the majority said he’s out of touch
  • Should tax cuts be extended only for the middle class or should Bush tax cuts for wealthier Americans also remain in place? – respondents were split down the middle for this
  • Should the wealthy oil companies be taxed more to subsidize alternative energy sources? – respondents were again split down the middle
  • Would you like your state to adopt an immigration law similar to Arizona’s? – the majority of respondents said yes
  • With China’s speedy economic rise, can America still maintain its superpower status? – While most respondents said yes, this was almost split down the middle
  • Is the tea party powered in part by negative appeals based on race? – the majority of people said no
  • Should the courts invalidate the health care law because of the requirement to buy insurance? – the majority of people said yes

These are clearly interesting responses for sure. Marketers may want to use this information as well to determine the typical political demographic of Yahoo users.

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