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This is a great and simple infographic brought to you by, which displays the true costs of automobiles when all expenses are added up. The infographic covers new models for 2010 and includes the following expenses for each car:

  • Initial Cost (MSRP plus 9% sales tax)
  • Financing (added up interest over 5 years)
  • Registration and state fees (over 5 years)
  • Insurance (over 5 years)
  • Maintenance and Repairs (over 5 years)
  • Fuel (calculated at 12K miles/year at $2.75/gallon over 5 years)
  • Depreciation (lost value over 5 years)

When all of these expenses add up, a new car doesn’t seem like much of a deal anymore. Based on this infographic, the 2010 Cadillac Escalade will cost $111,609 after 5 years and will only be worth $39,079. The cheapest care is the Toyota Corolla, which will cost $40,484 after 5 years and will be worth $16,058.

Ultimately, this infographic is very clear and easy to understand. The data is laid out in a way that makes it easy to quickly comprehend the overall theme. Regardless, there are still some improvements that could be done to make this even more digestible. For instance, ordering the cars from least to most expensive would be very helpful. Also, it would be good to know what state is being used to calculate costs. The infographic uses an outline of California as part of the key, but does not make it clear whether or not California is the basis for all calculations.


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