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We are closing out the week with a nice infographic from The infographic shows what webmasters can do to survive website downtime (which is pretty timely after the big Dreamhost downtime event a few weeks ago). Upon submitting this infographic, the folks at Kiss Metrics had the following to say:

Let’s be honest. Website downtime can infuriate us. And according to some, downtime can do much worse. It can affect user confidence, loyalty and ultimately eat into your bottom line. How can we dodge the fail whale? While we answer it, we might also engage in a bit of swashbuckling.

All told, the design is pretty good and fits with the Kiss Metrics brand. My issue with this infographic is that it’s very wordy and the text is so small that it’s pretty hard to read through. This is definitely a confusing topic, but I would have liked to see more visualization. For instance, downtime of popular web hosts would have nicely complimented the downtime of popular websites section. Average downtime would have been nice to see as well. Finally, I would have also included most notable downtimes in history. For instance, when Friendster went down, it lost all of its users to Facebook within hours… this truly shows the impact downtime can cause to a business.

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