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This infographic comes from and breaks down the FBI’s crime statistics for robberies in 2010. Upon submitting this infographic to us, the folks at had the following to say:

This information graphic explores the 2010 FBI bank crime statistics, breaking down the ‘who, what and how’ in the robberies that took place for that year. It is designed for those who may be wondering how much these criminals get away with. It may also help people figure out the odds that they will be caught-up in a Hollywood style bank raid in the next year.

I think that the bank robber face at the top is a good idea but could look a lot cleaner – it looks pretty sloppy. I really like the color scheme of this infographic, and I especially like the map showing the number of robberies by state. Going further down the infographic, things go downhill. None of the pasted-in images really add to the infographic as a whole, they look like clip-art and really keep it from being cohesive. I think that the information in the “how” section could have been better represented by a single bar graph. Also, the logo is way too big and stretched out.

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