UPS: Keeping the Blue Skies Green Infographic


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Fast Company and UPS joined forces to create this short, yet informative infographic about how UPS works to keep the planet green, even with their large fleet of airplanes flying around the country on a daily basis. The infographic begins with a simple “why statement” which explains the purpose of the graphic as so:

UPS’s airline fleet represented 53 percent of its total CO2 emissions in 2009, here’s what the company is doing to cut down on emissions, improve fuel efficiency, and minimize noise.

The infographic then details all 3 goals: cutting down emissions, Improving fuel efficiency, and minimizing noise. Unfortunately, the text is very small, so there are many parts of this infographic that are very hard to read. Also, the why statement says that the infographic will show what UPS is doing to reach these goals, but the infographic instead shows the goals of UPS and not the steps being taken to meet the goals.

Overall, the infographic is an OK first stab for UPS, but there are many things that could be improved including font size. This infographic should follow through with its promises and show exactly what UPS is doing to meet these goals, rather than just listing out goals, as right now it seems like nothing more than an attempt to look good in the media rather than fully inform.


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