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This infographic comes to us from, which touts itself as the Internet’s leading e-commerce software review website. While this infographic doesn’t 100% have to do with e-commerce, ZippyCart does have an audience for it, as many merchants want to know how to improve their SEO to rank better in search engines. While there are many factors that go into SEO, most optimizers target Google, and to target Google is to target the idea that created the search engine: PageRank. As the infographic states:

PageRank is a 0-10 score assigned by Google that rates the popularity of an indexed web page based on the number and type of external links pointing to that page.

While that may sound complicated, this infographic does a wonderful job of simplifying the entire thing, by comparing PageRank to a high school popularity contest like running for prom king. Once you understand that this is what the infographic is about, it’s rather easy to navigate through it and learn all of the intricacies of Google’s infamous PageRank score. The infographic shows that links from certain websites mean more than others, just like votes from certain members of the student body will mean more than votes from the less popular crowd of burn outs and band nerds (I was a band nerd, so I can say that).

This infographic has gotten a great deal of love since its creation, and many out there have cut off the bottom to try and pass this off as their own creation. Because of this, I suggest that anyone thinking of creating an infographic think hard about where they place their company logo. When you place a logo where people can cut it off, it harms your chances of getting the credit you deserve for creating a killer infographic!

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