UK CO2 Emissions Infographic


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Today’s infographic comes to us from and showcases the impact that exhibition banner stands have on the environment. Upon submitting this infographic, the agency promoting it said the following:

This infographic is designed to help attendees of business fairs and exhibitions understand the impact they’re having upon the environment – and the ways in which they can reduce this impact.

Ultimately, the topic for this infographic is great while the design is sub par. To get people interested in such an important topic, an infographic needs to be very eye catching and stand out from the crowd. this does not. The color pallet is so-so and this is way too text heavy. That said, I do love the imagery, the little business guy at the top and the planet… so when it comes to original imagery the designer does a good job. Ultimately though, I feel that there is far more data that could have been displayed in this infographic and in a way that would get people to notice it.

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