Infographic: U.S. Transportation Innovation Means Mobile WiFi is on the Move


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SinglePoint submitted this infographic to us!

The infographic contains a lot of information, but it’s kept very well organized with clean section headers. A mix of data visualization techniques keep things interesting in conjunction with maps, icons, and illustrations.

Toward the bottom it gets a bit text-heavy, particularly in the “Mobile WiFi Works” section. It could be beneficial to consider splitting this design into two infographics to lessen the information density a bit — one that explains the value of Mobile WiFi, and another purely for sales. It’s valuable to consider the messaging of your infographic as it relates to your goals, so if you want to generate buzz it’s best to leave product mention out, while if you want the infographic to live primarily on your site (as this one seems to), a sales pitch either at the end or simply a full infographic explaining your services can be appropriate.

In all I’d give this infographic a B since it uses visuals fairly effectively and stays organized, but it could be condensed a bit.

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