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This infographic comes to us from Infographics Archive and is basically a roundup of different facts and figures regarding Twitter. What I really like about this infographic is that the design clearly emulates the design of Twitter and remains consistent throughout the infographic. I like color scheme and all the little twitter birds.

What I don’t like about this infographic is that it doesn’t really tell us anything. It has some data visualization, but it primarily consists of text which completely defeats the purpose of an infographic. As for the data that is visualized: the graph showing Twitter’s personnel growth needs to be labeled differently. The title of the graph should be above the graph itself, not inside of it. The pie graph showing the content of tweets is interesting information, but I think the section could be cleaner and a little more balanced. The information on demographics is interesting, but not interesting looking. I don’t like the little pictures of people – they don’t go with the flow of the infographic at all.

The section showing the value of Twitter could easily become a graph showing its rumored value against other major social networking and search engine sites.

I like the section on the most popular Twitter users – it’s good that it shows the number of followers, number of tweets, and Twitter handle of each user. The only thing I don’t understand are the arrows on the side – what are those supposed to be? The bottom section with all of the different information on the number of tweets could be expressed in terms of a few graphs. I shouldn’t have to read it. Overall, the infographic is a good idea and had a good basic theme, but really needs improvement in actually visualizing all the data it represents.

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