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This infographic comes to us from and covers interesting facts about treadmill workouts. Upon submitting this infographic, said:

This is an infographic for treadmill users and its purpose is to give
runners the most important guidelines about this type of training. The
graphic illustrates the muscles developed when running on the
treadmill. You can also read about treadmill workouts facts that
runners need to know so they can prevent injuries and enjoy the
maximum benefits.

The graphic is divided in 3 main parts. In the first part you have
details about general treadmill workouts tips and main muscle groups
developed. The second part lists instructions about treadmill incline
mode. And the third part illustrates treadmill workouts effects in
decline mode.

The info is based on the research made by fitness equipment
manufacturers and medical institutes.

The infographic definitely has some great facts and great illustrations, but it’s filled with a great deal of text instead of actual data or imagery to visualize the text. This makes it more of an article and less of an infographic which is a problem that occurs in a lot of infographics as they continue to gain popularity. This infographic would be improved by including stats about weight loss, calories burned, and more in the form of charts and graphs.

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