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This infographic comes to us from the folks at Monster Displays and explains the basics of trade show display that presenters should keep in mind. Here’s is what Monster Displays had to say about their infographic:

Trade shows and displays used at trade shows have a science behind them that most casual visitors never think about.

What are the types of trade show booths? Well, at least 8 types and that doesn’t count the many customization options. What layouts are available for the presenter? Most people are familiar with the smaller linear booth, but to be more impressive the island exhibit catches attendees better but the cost are significantly more. What advantages does trade show marketing have over other advertising campaigns? An interactive presence helps which allows consumers to ask questions and talk with a company representative. Trade shows are the perfect model for this, which helps decrease the decay effect that comes with advertising.

This infographic has way, way too much text. All of the sections blend together and are not particularly distinctive from one another until you get to the bottom. Infographics should not have to be read, they are for data visualization. In fact, I only counted four pieces of quantitative data, three of which were simple percentage listings and only one graph. A way to show more in numbers might be to show the percentage use of each type of display, or somehow quantitatively show the benefits of presenting at a trade show versus not.

The diagram of types of displays is good, but it could be a little clearer in the actual image. The types of displays are not prominent. I do really like the sections on standard sizes and configurations for displays – thye are more simple and distinct, and are more in the style of what I would like to have seen for this type of infographic. Finally, the logo is just way too big and totally distracts from the bottom portion of the infographic.


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