Top Ten Reasons to Legalize Marijuana (Infographic)


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This infographic covers the top ten reasons to legalize marijuana and was submitted to us by the folks at Rehab Here’s a summary of the information covered in the infographic:

  • No one has ever died directly from marijuana.
  • Marijuana can be used to treat the symptoms of serious illnesses such as AIDS, cancer and Multiple Sclerosis.
  • “The War on Pot” costs $42 billion each year.
  • Crime rates in countries where marijuana is legal are lower than that of the US.
  • Marijuana’s active ingredient, THC, is less toxic than nicotine.
  • Over 45% of the US population support complete legalization of marijuana.

This infographic does not really fit the tradition style of an infographic – there is certainly a lot of information, but it doesn’t display data in the typical way. Given how much great information there is here, it would be great to see some data visualization. Another thing is that there is no source list at the bottom, which is vital for readers to know and completely understand where they are getting their information from.

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