Top Ten Highest Paid Aussie CEOs (Infographic)


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This infographic comes to us from the folks at Home Loan and showcases information on the top ten highest paid CEOs in Australia.

I like that this infographic is very light on text and has a lot of data visualization. Looking at it, I have a very good idea of how much Aussie CEOs make in comparison to their workers, and what their salaries increases look like. The information on the right side “Average Worker Salary” section has some more room for data visualization as well – pretty much any piece of data that includes percentages can be displayed as a pie graph. The overall design is okay, but it is not very exciting – the color scheme is a bit boring and the star-burst background doesn’t really seem to fit in. I think that a consistent background with headings for each section would be a better way to go about this. Finally, for the purposes of making this easy for the reader to view, it would be a good idea to make the entire thing longer so that readers do not have to scroll horizontally in order to view it.

The other complaint I have about this infographic is the top section – it seems a little all over the place and I keep having to refer back to the key in order to make sense of what I am looking at. Just adding labels to each 2009 and 2010 salary would make everything much clearer.

Overall, this infographic is very professional with a lot of great information. It’s weak points lie in clarifying exactly what content is being displayed, a fault that can easily be fixed.


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