Top Drinking Countries in the World


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There are many infographics out there about drinking, partying, and spirits, and honestly most of them are funny, but this infographic takes a more serious approach when uncovering the top 10 alcoholic countries in the world. Submitted by Methods of Healing, this infographic shows the difference between being tipsy and actual binging, and how this has impacted some countries more than others.

Upon submission, Methods of Healing stated:

Some people think they can out drink everyone else on a fun Friday night, but can you really? Try traveling to some of these heavy drinking countries who think consuming alcohol is a walk in the park. If you’re still alive after this, you probably have the strongest liver in the world…not necessarily the most healthy though.

Overall, the infographic does an OK job of proving its point and a slightly less OK job of tying it into the overall theme of The beveling on the bar graph is a good example of less than perfect design, because the rest of the imagery on the infographic is flat, so the bar graph doesn’t really fit with the bevel effect. The design looks like a first stab at an infographic, which means that Methods Of Healing will improve their infographics over time (hopefully).

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