Top Countries With Endangered Species Infographic

Top Countries With Endangered Species
Via: MNN

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This infographic, created by MNN, displays the harsh realities of animal and plant extinction rates throughout the world. It begins with a world map, which is meant to display countries with the greatest potential for disaster or improvement. It is assumed that red means disaster and green improvement, though the infographic does not provide a key here, which makes this initial portion hard to fully digest.

Next, it goes on to show the top 20 countries where extinction rates are at their highest. Again, this is assumed, as the infographic does not fully explain that this is what is being shown. The United States is second on the list, and it looks like this is caused by fish and mollusks facing the large amount of threat.

One of the most interesting facts in this infographic is shown near the end, when it states that there are only 3,200 tigers left in the world. To bring this point closer to home, it would be great if the infographic would include a comparison. For instance, there are probably more than 3,200 house cats in most US cities. Adding a fact like that would really display just how close tigers are to full extinction.


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