Top 10 Most Expensive Cities of 2010 Infographic


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Infographics continue to pop up online, as more websites look to utilize them for their SEO strategy, so that they can rank higher in Google for targeted keywords. This new infographic, submitted to us from Home Loan Finder, takes a detailed look into the top 10 most expensive cities of 2010. One of the most surprising things you learn in looking at this infographic is that there are not any cities on the list from North America, South America, or Australia. In terms of the design, the one major critique would be that there is a lot of small text, which is not easy to quickly read. Perhaps bullet points would have allowed the design to be more easily digested by someone taking it in for the first time.

Here’s what the creators had to say about it when they submitted the infographic to us:

While it is easy to complain about the cost of living in our own backyards, and lament the times when your dollars went further and your cents actually bought something, your home country may not even be in the top 10 cities that are the most expensive in which to live.

Being able to compare the cost of living around the world is important for more than anecdotal evidence and as such, the Mercer survey compiles a Cost of Living Survey, each year to help international companies and government departments determine compensation allowances for their employees who live and work overseas. The Mercer survey includes 214 cities over five continents and measures the cost of more than 200 different expenses from housing, transport and household goods, to food, clothing and entertainment.


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