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Project Delays Impact Bottom Line from LiquidPlanner
[Via: Online Project Management Software ]

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This infographic comes to us from LiquidPlanner and was designed by Killer Infographics’ own Blain Klitzke. Blain is a very unique infographic designer in that his infographics never look like typical ones you see throughout the web. Every ounce of his design is original and he always utilizes a combination of Motion, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop to make the elements of his design pop from each angle.

The infographic showcases how schedule misses can cost millions. This is to stress the importance of using Liquid Planner for project management software. LiquidPlanner is the only project management software out there that accounts for the unexpected, by allowing its users to schedule due date ranges rather than specific dates. This is called “managing uncertainty.” When doing this, project teams have a much larger chance (often 60% or more) of finishing projects on time rather than missing costly deadlines.

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