‘Til Debt Do Us Part (Infographic)


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This infographic was submitted to us by Engagement and covers the details behind many average weddings costs. Here’s what they had to say about it:

This infographic is aimed at having people realize that weddings are expensive for all of those involved. Everyone is always focused on how much a wedding costs (how much is spent per head/plate) but rarely do we consider the costs to guests. The top tier breaks down the average cost a guest incurs when attending a wedding (excluding gifts). The place-cards sitting on top of the tier indicate the relative costs for each of the items illustrated by the distance between the place-card itself and the top of the cake. The middle tier identifies the average number of weddings attended per year while the lower tier focuses on wedding gifts. The scaled ribbons at the base of the cake summarize the overall concept by showing the final average cost for a guest (friend or family) in contrast to the average amount spent per guest.

Designing the infographic so that all of the information fits into the cake is a good idea, but it really restricts the amount of real estate that the designer gets to include all of the information. It would be nice to see more data visualization overall – right now it looks like the data presentation relies more on typography and images. The part that really doesn’t work is the top tier: there is a much better way to visualize all of this data. Right now it looks very cluttered, and it is easy to just read the information on guest expenses and completely ignore the entire top section. The whole thing would work better with more data visualization, and ditching the cake idea – incorporating a cake into the actual data visualization would be a better way to go.


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