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This is a fun, yet overwhelming infographic from That’s Nerdalicious, which covers the world of beer at its finest. The infographic lists a variety of beer types like Belgian, Pale Ale, Lambic, Lagers, and more while showing what beers you can buy that stem from these types. Basically, this is one gigantic web diagram that probably took forever to complete. Stemming from Lagers are different types of Lagers around the world and stemming from those are well known brands… it’s so much information that it’s hard to take in all at once.

Nerdalicious had the following to say about this infographic:

Find the world of beer styles confusing? Well this epic infographic probably won’t clear things up much. It may even be more daunting than before actually.

The infographic is also available as a poster, which it is well suited for. This is definitely something worth printing out and taking to a beer festival (too bad Oktoberfest is already done in Seattle, otherwise I would have definitely used this as a guide to all the beer options). Because of the hard work that must have been put into this, there’s not much to critique. I think my only suggestion would be to have a higher resolution version of this infographic available, as that would be easier to read. That said, since they are probably trying to sell more posters of this than anything, it’s understandable why they wouldn’t make a high-res version readily available.


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