The World History of Tattoos


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It’s amazing who is getting into infographics these days, as infographics used to be something that were mainly prevalent in the tech and online marketing industries, but now other industries are getting on board and using infographics to reach out to their audience and share useful information. This infographic, from New Look Houston Tattoo Removal, is one such example of a company entering the space with their own infographics. Upon submitting this infographic to us, New Look Houston described it as follows:

A full world map and time line containing the rich history of tattoos across the history of the world. The first evidence of tattoos was found to be approximately 3300 BC in Otzi the Iceman found in the Alps between Italy and Austria with what appears to be 57 Tattoos!

Time-line infographics are often the hardest to put together, especially when there is a large amount of information available. Some people choose to put the time-line in the middle of the design, while others choose an edge of the infographic. With this infographic, the time-line rests at the bottom and the focal point is a map of the world. Some interesting facts from this infographic include:

  • The first reference to the word “Tattoo” was in 1766
  • The electronic tattoo machine came about in 1891
  • Tattoos were not legal in Oklahoma until 2006

There’s no mention of that awful band from the late 90’s called Tatu… remember that band with the two girls and that “All the things she said” whiny song? OK, bad joke, but I had to try. In any event, the infographic is an OK first start into the world of infographics for this company. The layout is a bit too wordy and the yellow boxes are distracting, but other than that, the infographic gets the information across well and the map as a focal point is a nice option for a “history of” design.


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