The Ultimate Theft Proof Car Infographic

The Ultimate Theft Proof Car
Infographic Brought to you By HomeSecurity

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Almost everyone is familiar with the yearly reports that mention which cars are most likely to be stolen, and the same car models every year often make the list. This infographic from not only mentions the top 10 most stolen cars in the U.S., but they also go in-depth on the best anti-theft devices for your automobile. They list 7 different anti-theft devices, a few of which you might not be familiar with. One of the most common anti-theft devices mentioned is a wireless transmitter, which most of us associate with the LoJack car security device. However one of the more unknown anti-theft devices on the list is a passive immobilizer, which makes it so that the car can only start with a coded key or transponder. Therefore it cannot be hot wired by a car thief.

While this infographic is informative, the design style is not the best. The solid blue background with grid lines, makes it tough to read all of the white text throughout the infographic. All that said, it’s meant to look like a blue print, so it serves that purpose well. It would be great to see data from more recent years, as this only speaks to the number of cars stolen from 1997 to 2007, and some may wonder how this has shifted with today’s current economy.

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