The UK Debt Problem Infographic


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This is a fun infographic brought to us by that showcases the problems behind debt in the UK. Upon submitting this infographic, the folks at had the following to say:

We have published some statistics with help from Credit Action using an infographic, which highlights the true story of debt in the UK. This graphically highlights the average UK household debt to bankruptcy and personal debt figures.

Overall, the design of this infographic is very good. There’s a lot of charts and graphs that display the data very visually, the background has a subtle texture to it, the use of shadows isn’t overdone, and the color scheme is great. There isn’t much I’d suggest to improve this infographic. My one pet peeve (which is really just a personal preference) is that the use of the pound sign in the title was a little over used. It would have worked fine just once, but three times is a bit redundant. Beyond pet peeves, there’s just one major issue that should be fixed immediately: no sources. Without sources on this infographic, how can I trust the data?


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