Infographic: The Student Loan Scheme


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This is a great infographic created by that sheds light on the controversial student loan industry. The infographic begins with one simple, yet frightening fact: US student loan debt is up to $829 Billion. To explain this deficit, the infographic continues down a short time line from 1965 to 2005 to show all the points in history that led our nation to this dilemma. Next it points out that a variety of consumer protections have been taken away from student loans, making it harder to pay back loans and providing lenders far more power than one could imagine. As the infographic states, “mobsters would be jealous” of the power that lenders have when trying to get their money back from students.

Beyond simply stating the problem, this infographic continues to explain how student loans work and then suggest solutions and ways to stay out of debt. Since knowledge is power, this infographic will hopefully give prospective students the knowledge they need to steer clear of bad loans.

All in all, this infographic is well put together with a variety of great design elements that keep the viewer engaged and information easy to take in. One could spend a few seconds or a few minutes looking through it and would come away with an overwhelming need to look elsewhere for college funding, like scholarships. Therefor, the infographic serves its purpose in more ways than one.

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