The State of Jobs in the United States (Infographic)


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This infographic comes to us from eBay Classifieds and showcases the state of jobs in the U.S. Given the current economy, this is definitely a really interesting infographic that helps display where we are currently. Upon submitting this infographic, we were told the following by the creator:

I created an infographic with eBay Classifieds about where the best opportunities for jobs in the country are. So we looked at loads of data, like unemployment rates, average personal income per capita, and CQ Press crime rankings to see which states had the most buoyant economies. We then checked out the industries with the largest employment and the fastest growing occupations by state. Finally, we used PayScale’s data to find out which city has the highest median income in each state.

For the most part, I like this infographic, though it would be nice to see some charts and graphs for each state to better visualize the data. I also think it would be nice to see some sort of treatment for the logos, because they look a little out of place with everything else designed. Something as simple as a 10px colored border around each would make them fit with the design more.

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