The Sony Playstation Network Hack (Infographic)


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This infographic, which is primarily a timeline of the recent PlayStation Network Hack, comes to us from the people at Credit Card Finder. Here’s what they had to say about it:

We were doing an expose on the ‘Sony Hack Fiasco’ and realized no infographic was done on the subject – at least none we can find. Considering how big the issue was for our readers, we decided to create an infographic to summarize the events.

I have a couple of issues with the timeline. First off, the months and days are listed separately, instead of full dates. It would be a lot simpler to only show the dates with which actual information is associated with it. The timeline is definitely cluttered on the right side – it should be more balanced. The map showing the countries most affected is pretty small. It also lists Europe as a country, which is inaccurate. Although its safe to assume that most people viewing the infographic know basic geography, the locations listed should correspond to the pins in the map.

As far as the data that is represented, I would like to see more.There could be a graph displaying the value of the company’s stock over the course of the attack or a graph showing the potential costs of the attack (this info is stated but not properly displayed). The quotes from news articles aren’t necessary either, and they’re in too small a font to read.

I like that the Sony hack is compared to similar attacks in the past, but I’d like a little information about each of them, in particular the 7/11, which is so huge in comparison that it really begs for details. I also like the list of who may be more responsible, but it needs to be more consistent in its headings and descriptions. It just seems all over the place.

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