The Social Media Effect (Revised)


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This infographic comes to us from Infographic World and is covering the revised social media effect. The people at Infographic World have done a similar design in the past, but this revision has some new twists and some added humor. The infographic begins by showing what happens when a story hits the front page of Digg. What’s ironic about this is the section that say “Maybe even an infographic. They’re still pretty cool if done right.” It’s ironic because this infographic did hit the first page of Digg yesterday.

The infographic goes into some detail about the Digg effect, which sends tons of traffic to one’s website, but often this traffic is full of one-time visitors who won’t come back until the next time you create something that can attract their attention. It then shows how web content can be impacted by Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Buzz, and StumbleUpon.

All in all, while the information is fun in this infographic, it’s a great deal of text to take in and can get a little confusing from time to time. If the infographic were made larger and the information was more spread out (maybe over a longer graphic vs. wider), it would be far easier to take in and understand.

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