The Situation’s Spending on GTL Infographic

The Situation's Spending on GTL
Infographic Brought to you By GoBankingRates

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If there is one thing that the guys on Jersey Shore know how to do better than almost anyone else, it would have to be GTL. If you are not hip to the situation, then you need to know that GTL stands for Gym, Tanning, and Laundry. The guys on Jersey Shore need to ensure that they always look good, which includes wearing fresh clothes each night they go out. This infographic about GTL and Jersey Shore comes from an unlikely source, GoBankingRates, which have little to do with the situation. However they try to relate it to money in that this infographic looks at how much GTL Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino could buy with $5 million.

This infographic is not that useful or insightful, as “The Situation” can purchase more gym time, tanning sessions, and can do as many loads of laundry as he wants for $5 million, but that was a given. it would have been interesting to have stats on GTL in the U.S., and how much other Americans spend on these ventures.

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