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Today we have a fun infographic from Revolution Analytics that asks the pressing question: Do celebrities follow the 1/2 your age plus 7 rule of dating? I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of this rule before, nor do I think that it’s a viable topic for an infographic, BUT the design is fun and true to data visualization, so who am I to be an elitist?

Upon submitting this infographic, the folks at Revolution Analytics had the following to say:

Remember the Dating Equation from a while back, that formula that determines the socially acceptable bounds for the age of a female companion given the age of the male partner? Well, the crack data analysis team at Revolution Analytics decided to take the 100 hottest celebrity couples of 2010, and create a scatterplot of the couple’s ages (using R), to see how well celebrities adhere to the rule that no man should date a woman less than half his age, plus seven years.

So now for the critique. There’s plenty I like about this infographic and a few dislikes. For instance, I like the scatterplot graph at the top, but wish that more couples were pointed out among all the dots. I think more could have been done with the title and color scheme to draw the eye, because infogrpahics are first and foremost about data visualization, but today that data has to come with a bit of eye candy to really grab the attention of the masses, and I feel like this is missing some of that. Who ever drew the rocker character did a great job, and it would have been great to have more of that eye candy throughout. It would also have been nice to not cut the rocker off at the legs, because he looks a bit like clip art when cut off like that. Finally, I wish the very bottom section were a pie chart or something that really visualized the data rather than just listing out numbers.

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