The Road to Le Tour de France


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This “infographic” on the Tour de France comes to us from the folks at DISH Network. Here is what they had to say about it upon submitting to us:

The 2011 Tour de France will be raced from July 2 to the 24th. To celebrate the race’s rich history (and clear up some of the questions you might have about the world’s premier cycling event) we’ve put together this fun graphic. Have you ever wondered how many riders have finished the tour? What country can claim the most tour wins? Take a look and if you like it, please feel free to share a link with your friends or use the imbed code to host it on your blog. And as always, if you want to tune-in to the live race broadcast, don’t forget to sign up for Dish Network today!

This doesn’t really count as an infographic since there is no data visualization, but it certainly has potential. The idea about having the bike path go down the length of the infographic is a good one – it is also a good idea to have each of the well-known competitors represented in the IG as well. The only that that is called out is Lance Armstrong, who is at the very front of the pack, but it isn’t clear how the rest are organized – the sections need to have much clearer (larger) headings. Also, the spectators section doesn’t have any spectators near it, which doesn’t really make sense. There should be a crowd in that spot.

All of the rest of the information – wins per nation, the number of years the Tour de France has been going, the percentage of US viewers, the countries that have hosted a start – could easily be represented graphically with pie and bar charts. The challenge will be designing graphs that fit in with the overall design of the infographic that are also displayed prominently and in an interesting way.

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