Infographic: The Rise of Social Media Ad Spend


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Flowtown is pretty well known for creating some amazing infographics that take detailed data and make it easy to digest. The above infographic is just one example of this, which explains the evolution of social media ad spend in the past, present, and projected future. The infographic takes from a study done by eMarkerter, which is clear by the graphs on the left, which are very similar to eMarketer reports. It begins by showing that Facebook ad spend will account for 50% of all ad spending this year, while last year it was only about 36% which was neck in neck with MySpace.

Worldwide social ad spending is projected to increase over the next few years, which is somewhat of a surprise to those that say the banner ad is dead. Despite this, online social ad spending is only going to reach about 15% of total ad spending, which is still an increase since 2008, but it would be interesting to see how much of the pie this was in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Possibly one of the most interesting facts from this infographic is listed at the very bottom, which shows how many people turn to social media before making a purchase online. It would have been interesting to lead with this fact, as it explains the growth in ad spending more. It would also be interesting to know how these numbers are projected to change in future years.

All in all, this is a great infographic that lays out all the necessary information in a very clean way… and I wouldn’t expect any less from a company like Flowtown.

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