The Rise of Silver Production by Country


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This infographic comes to us from Money Hacker, which is a website that helps people find Online Savings Accounts. Upon submitting the infographic, the folks at Money Hacker said the following:

Silver is one of the most important of all precious metals. Owning silver as part of your portfolio seems to be a smart choice as prices have risen substantially over the past year or two and show little signs of topping out any time soon. According to “The major monetary metal in history is silver, not gold.” – Milton Friedman. There’s another quote which is unattributed which says, “Debt is the Money of Slaves. Silver is the Money of Gentlemen. Gold is the Money of Kings.”

There’s lots of buzz and controversy about silver prices and . The silver infographic is the follow up to the infographic we launched about gold. However, we did something a little different this time by collaborating with GoldCore, an internationally respected gold and silver dealer.

We sourced most of the data for the infographic from the Silver Institute and took current prices for silver from the London PM Fix price which available from loads of precious metals sites such as Yahoo! Finance or Kitco.

Money Choices was setup in 2008 as a comparison website for Australians to compare all types of financial products. It sounds boring but we can save you a lot of money by finding you a better bank account, credit card or loan.

Overall, the infographic is OK. The color scheme fits well with the topic, the icons are clear, the bar graph even has a nice silver element to it. That said, I wish it were longer. It’s always hard to make an infographic that has a world map as its focal point, longer. This is because the majority of the data is explained easily through the world map. That said, I would have liked to see some quick facts about silver and silver production to make this longer and keep my attention.


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