The Perfect Burger Infographic

Burger Time
Source: FastCompany

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This fun infographic brought to you by FastCompany shows a variety of burger toppings and how they relate to different personality types. Toppings on the perfect burger include more meat than one could imagine, like buffalo, beef, mushroom, and veggie patties, as well as the typical veggies, a great deal of sauce, and of course pickles. There are 6 personality types that the infographic covers which include:

  • Backyard Gourmand
  • Death Becomes You
  • American Graffiti ’84
  • Vegan Stoner Special
  • Texas Style
  • West Coast Wannabe

All in all, it’s a funny infographic to read through and examine, but not one bit of it seems rooted in any real fact. Instead, consider this a funny end to summer brought to you by FastCompany, complete with pickles, onions, lettuce, cheese, and special sauce.


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