The Most Viral Brands of 2010


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This is an incredibly long infographic brought to you by, which provides information complied for NMA’s (NewMediaAge) viral ad chart. The infographic covers the most viral brands of 2010 (so far) and tries to pinpoint what makes an ad have that special something extra to make it go viral online. The infographic mainly focuses on viral videos, with the new Old Spice marketing campaign as its central focal point. It begins by listing a variety of top 10 lists, and the same videos make up each top 10 list for the most part. It shows amount of views and shows that Facebook is the best sharing platform when compared to Twitter.

After going through the top 10 lists of viral videos, the infographic goes on to speak about the most viral brands, by using video shares and views as its basis for determination. It displays these brands by shares and then views, with Apple, Blendtec, Nike, Old Spice, Twilight, and Google making it into each top 10 list.

One of the best ways that this infographic displays data is by using a tag cloud to show viral success by brand. Beyond that, this infographic is mainly lists, but still does a good job of getting its point across. The infographic does show the same lists in different ways, so it could be made shorter by taking away a list or two. Otherwise, it has some very relevant information that will help any marketer pinpoint how to make a video go viral.

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