The Modern Best Man: A Statistical Analysis


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This infographic comes to us from and shows all you ever needed to know (but didn’t know you wanted to) about best men. Because this is a UK focused infographic, the bachelor party is considered a “stag night.” The website, I Am Staggered, gives grooms and best men tips and tricks for planning the perfect stag night, while also providing news worthy updates about the latest engagements and famous stag parties. Upon submitting this infographic, designer Mark Hooson had the following to say:

‘A Statistical Picture of the Modern Best Man’ – a graphic I designed for, and the second in the ‘A Statistical Picture of” series.

As the Best Man is largely responsible for arranging the stag/bachelor party, a lot of the stats are to do with that.

All things said and done, the infographic does a good job of promoting the IAmStaggered brand while keeping the topic close to the website. It would have been better to spread out the data more, which could have been accomplished simply by making the infographic longer. As it currently stands, the bottom has way too much data to take in at once. The other problem is that the text throughout the entire infographic is in all caps, which makes it very hard on the eyes. The top half of the infographic works, it’s the bottom part that needs some cleaning up.

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