The Irrational Fear of Lightning Infographic

The lightning infographic
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This infographic from discusses the irrational fear of lightning and thunder storms. This fear is called astraphobia, but the infographic doesn’t cover how many people suffer from astraphobia. The infographic begins by stating the following:

The lightning is not confined to thunderstorms. Is a giant discharge of electricity accompanied by a brilliant flash of light and a loud crack of thunder. The current in a lightning bolt is as high as 30,000 amperes, about 150 times more than ordinary house current of 200 amps.

The infographic then asserts again that lightning is not confined to thunderstorms, and just when you think it will explain why, it goes into a completely topic. It says that the study or science of lightning is called fulminology, and someone who studies lightning is referred to as a fulminologist. Each bolt has the potential to be as strong as a billion volts with temperatures as high as 54,000.

There are a variety of other facts included in this infographic like the number of lightning deaths by state and how different household items emit different volts of electricity. All in all though, the infographic doesn’t make much sense because it is all over the map with information and doesn’t actually tell a story. Basically, this is an infographic with far too much information.


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