The Life Cycle of Gold


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Today’s infographic comes from and showcases how the gold life cycle works. Honestly, I’m always amazed when smaller companies (this is me assuming is a smaller company) make some good infographics while many large companies don’t do that great of a job. All in all, this is a pretty good infographic. While there is a lot of text, it has a good amount of charts to break things up. ALl of the images are great illustrations showing the the designer put a lot of love into this infographic. The color scheme works well with the theme and the logo doesn’t feel forced. I do wish that the infographic included sources though, as that gives more validity to any infographic.

Upon submission of this design, the folks at had the following to say:

This Infographic illustrates the process that gold goes through from when it is found in the ground right through to being on someone’s finger. It then also revisits the process from a gold trading companies perspective by showing what is done with the gold when it is sent in via a gold selling pack.


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