The Impact of Site Speed on Business Results (Infographic)


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This infographic was submitted to us by the folks at Yottaa and covers the impact of website speed on businesses. Just looking at the infographic, I can see that there is a lot of dead space and that the title needs to be much shorter. There is also a lot of text and not a whole lot of data visualization. The graphics used just seem to fill up space rather than enhance or highlight the information in the infographic. There is only one pie chart, and it isn’t very interesting or noticeable.

The “How long is a second?” section is a little confusing and doesn’t seem to display the data in the best way. It might be better to show this information visually, maybe with a graph depicting the lengths of time for each of the things mentioned. There could also be a lot more statistical info showing the relationship between site speed and bounce rate. The “Everyone wants speed” section seems a bit out of place and could use additional information to tie it in to the rest of the infographic.

The section at the top showing information about the larger sites (Google, Amazon and Yahoo!) could definitely be displayed in a graphical form. It would also help to extrapolate on this information – for instance, how does a 1-second delay impact conversions?

Overall, the infographic needs a lot more data visualization. With that fixed, there would be a lot more room to pare down text, work with a more interesting background, and work in a more interesting color scheme.


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