The History of the Cell Phone Infographic

the history of the cell phone
Created by Milo

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This infographic provides an overview of the history of the cell phone, starting out with a graph that shows the rise in U.S. mobile phone subscribers from 1985 to 2009. It then goes into a time line that starts in 1973, when two major cell phone events occurred. This is when Japan’s NTT debuted the first commercial G1 cell phone network, and then Dr. Martin Cooper made the first call on a cell phone. It continues on to show how things have evolved for the cell phone, and where were at today in 2010 with amazing smart phone options like the iPhone 4, which is the first phone to bring cell phone video chat to the masses.

As mentioned by, the creator of this infographic:

It’s hard to imagine getting through one day without using a cell phone, especially since the device now doubles as a computer, planner and address book for many of us. But less than 40 years ago, the idea of a cell phone was just that—an idea. [Above], we chronicle the technological innovations and improvements that have taken place in a few short decades to make the mobile phone the powerful machine that it is today.

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