The History of Electric Cars (Infographic)

the history of the electric car
Source: Automoblog

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The above infographic was produced by for their client It shows the history of electric cars, which is actually a pretty long history. The first electric car dates all the way back to 1832 and was created by Robert Anderson in Scotland. As cars continued to evolve, so did the electric car, which ebbed and flowed through time. In 1995, the electric car seemed to hit its stride, as more and more developers began working on building an electric car for the average consumer. Unfortunately, electric cars have always had one major issue, which is longevity when traveling. Most electric cars of the past have only been able to go about 40 miles before needing a recharge.

The 1997 EV1 is said to have only achieved 70 miles on a single charge, but according to the 2006 documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car, the EV1 improved to 160 miles. Before the EV1 was taken off the market, a better battery was developed that would have allowed it to achieve at least 300 miles on a single charge, which is equal to the gas tanks of many cars.

Overall, this infographic has a great deal of information, and it’s nice when 1959 hits and other stats are added to the car like miles per hour and radius on a single charge. Another interesting thing about this infographic is that it shows gas prices from 1861 to present. An interesting fact here is that gas prices were actually higher in 1861 than they are now. If I could suggest improvements to this infographic, it would be to have less text and include the important facts about the EV1, as many people have seen Who Killed the Electric Car and may notice this discrepancy fast.


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