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The Growth of Mobile Marketing & Tagging Infographic

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By Mobile Tagging from Microsoft Tag

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Today’s infographic comes to us from Microsoft Tag, which is Microsoft’s answer to the QR code. Upon submitting the infographic to us, the folks at Microsoft Tag had the following to say:

Just how popular has mobile usage gotten, and how does that translate to online marketing? This infographic looks at the explosion of this new industry and gives marketing managers a good look at how mobile tagging can aide in the integration of mobile marketing into their current marketing plan. This market is not just about teenagers, but it is all about reaching users doing what they love the most, socializing. Marketing to users on the go means positioning your message to people visiting restaurants, going on trips, and looking up random facts. It’s a new world in which consumers want information at their fingertips. Using mobile marketing and tags can help get the information they want to them quickly and efficiently.

All in all, the infographic is very informative and has a lot of great stats. When it comes to execution, this is definitely an infographic in the sense that it includes a good amount of data visualization. For instance, if all the text were taken away, the images would still tell at least part of the story, which is a necessity for anything to truly be an infographic. The other thing I like about this infographic is that it advertises the Microsoft tag without being too in your face with the advertisement.

Some things I don’t like about this infographic include the proportions and the design. The 520px width was clearly a restriction put on the designer, likely by the folks at Microsoft requesting the design. This could have easily been 1000px wide and posted at 500px wide with a “click to enlarge” link. The extra click would help to reduce bounce rate, and a 1000px wide infographic would have provided the designer with far more space to design, and would also ensure a shorter infographic for easier viewing. The imagery and color scheme aren’t too catchy, but in a sense that screams Microsoft. I know Apple wouldn’t produce an infographic like this.

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